While the theme of some of my art may be fanciful, these objects are not not intended for children. Also, no piece should be considered food safe unless specifically labeled otherwise.

About the images:

(Left to Right)

- "Take me to your leader" (2011)
- "Purpleheart rocket box (2011)
- "Hall of the Mountain King" (2001)
- "Colony #1" (2008)
- "Departure" (2006)

Last Modified:

30 September 2015

Artist statements

1) "I make stuff." - first attributed to the person who made the "Venus of Willendorf", c. 25,000 B.C.E. Also my primary response to questions like "What is the nature of your work?"

2) "Yes, it's a box." - My usual response to someone asking about one of my pieces specifically. If I had to use one word to describe the type of work I do, it would be "boxmaking". Which really doesn't mean anything when it comes to what my boxes end up looking like. That's why people ask.

3) "No, that one's not a box. Yes, I'm sure." - When 2 (see above) doesn't apply.

My work is heavily influenced by my interest in science and my career as an engineer; by science in that I am inclined to explore whatever idea captures my fancy and then experiment with combinations of techniques and materials to see if I can implement it, and by engineering in that I do a lot of research ahead of time so I have a good idea of what my techniques and materials are capable of.