While the theme of some of my art may be fanciful, these objects are not not intended for children. Also, no piece should be considered food safe unless specifically labeled otherwise.

About the images:

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- "Take me to your leader" (2011)
- "Purpleheart rocket box (2011)
- "Hall of the Mountain King" (2001)
- "Colony #1" (2008)
- "Departure" (2006)

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20 September 2015


Over the course of my career, I've built everything from Gothic-inspired chairs...

Neo-Gothic for the Modern castle (2002)

"Neo-Gothic for the Modern Castle" (2002)

Dimensions: 24" W x 54" H x 20" D
Materials: red oak, butternut, wenge, fabric.
Finish: oil.

...and one-off tables...

Prevailing Wind (Silk Road series) (2002)

"Prevailing Wind (Silk Road series, 2002)

Dimensions: 42" W x 36" H x 13" D
Materials: Quilted maple, ambrosia maple, mahogany, wenge, bronze.
Finish: varnish oil. tiny sculpted jewelry boxes.

Fable (2011)

"Fable" (2011)

Dimensions: approx. 4" dia. x 5" H
Materials: Maple burl, birch, walnut, copper, ink, turquoise cabochon, glass dome.
Finish: oil/satin polyurethane (box), shellac/wax (lid and buildings).

I'm currently exploring color, texture and form. Here's a taste of the range of my work.

Mike's Box (2016)

"Mike's Box" (2016)

Materials: Cherry, maple burl, wenge, copper.
Larger image, closed
Larger image, open

Meditation (2015)

"Meditation" (2015)

Dimensions: approx. 9" H x 4" W x 4" D.
Materials: Poplar, maple burl, ink, pigment, shellac, polyurethane, Liberon oil.

Dragonscale Ale Bowl (2014)

"Dragonscale Ale Bowl" (2014)

Dimensions: approx. 9" dia.
Materials: Curly maple, dye, paint, shellac.
Finish: General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish.

Artifact (experimental series) (2014)

"Artifact (experimental series)" (2014)

Dimensions: approx. 4" dia. x 3" H
Materials: Poplar, dye, paint, metallic wax, opal mosaic cabochon, hematite cabochon.
Finish: UV-resistant acrylic lacquer.

Nexus (2013)

"Nexus" (2013)

Dimensions: approx. 6" dia. x 9" H
Materials: Walnut, leather dye, silver, maple burl.
Finish: UV-resistant acrylic lacquer.

Blast-off (2013)

"Blast-off" (2013)

Dimensions: approx. 4" dia. overall x 8" H
Materials: Maple, dye, metallic waxes, paint.
Finish: UV resistant acrylic lacquer.

Hard Landing (2013)

"Hard Landing" (2013)

Dimensions: approx. 6" dia. x 8" H
Materials: Curly maple, Trans-tint dye, paint.
Finish: UV-resistant acrylic lacquer.

3-Stage rocket box (2011)

"3-stage rocket box" (2011)

Dimensions: approx. 4" dia. x 9" H
Materials: Bubinga, maple, nickel, lapis lazuli cabochons.
Finish: Shellac/wax (rocket), satin polyurethane (fins).