While the theme of some of my art may be fanciful, these objects are not not intended for children. Also, no piece should be considered food safe unless specifically labeled otherwise.

About the images:

(Left to Right)

- "Take me to your leader" (2011)
- "Purpleheart rocket box (2011)
- "Hall of the Mountain King" (2001)
- "Colony #1" (2008)
- "Departure" (2006)

Last Modified:

1 February 2016


Thank you to everyone who worked on Arisia 2016! You made my feel very welcome as the convention's Artist Guest of Honor.

By the way, if you're looking for the videos of the two woodturning demos I gave at Arisia, they should be available for viewing soon. I'll post links here when I have them.

Recent work

Oscillation (2015)

"Oscillation" (2015)

Dimensions: approx. 12" W x 6"D x 18" H.
Materials: Curly maple, walnut, ink.
Finish: Liberon oil, polyurethane.

Where do you get your ideas? (2015, series)

"Where do you get your ideas?" (2015, series)

Dimensions: approx. 4" dia. x 6" H
Materials: Maple burl, curly maple, dye, texture gel, metal leaf, copper and brass inlay.
Finish: Liberon oil, polyurethane.

Ripples (2015)

"Ripples" (2015)

Dimensions: approx. 8" L x 5" W x 3" D
Materials: Quilted cherry, quilted maple, beech branches, padauk.
Finish: Shellac, polyurethane.

2151 A.D. (2015)

"2151 A.D." (2015)

Dimensions: approx. 3" dia. x 7" H
Materials: Maple, dye, ink, hematite cabochons.
Finish: Shellac, polyurethane.

Please check out the Art Gallery and Behind the Scenes pages to see more examples of my current and previous work.